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Monday, November 17, 2003


-aasa conference
-office depot protest
-awareness days

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The Daily Revolution, November 11, 2003, Issue 2 

Wake up, Neo…
The Convergence is coming…
This week on campus a revolution was taking place.
As planetary, human, and other beings converged in assorted manifestations this Saturday, November 8th, Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich breezed through Kresge Auditorium for a couple hours of uncynical and uncompromising inspiration. Wednesday, a Stanford student spoke on a Kucinich panel filmed at the independent Community Media Center for local broadcast. Thursday, Stanford and Palo Alto community met in local vegan organic restaurant Bay Leaf Café to discuss the future of politics in Kucinich world. Sunday, Stanford activist Mandeep Gill joined a panel of other young activists to pose some heavy duty questions to Kucinich in a festival atmosphere at an event organized by Democreation kids of UC Santa Cruz, with the concentration of dreaded locks nicely complimented by the concentration of most excellent visual and sound art of a political bent. This Thursday at 9:15pm in Tressider, second floor, local Kucinich supporters will convene to see if we can join Santa Cruz in turning politics upside down and inside out with intelligence and art. Jen Lindsay, Stanford Alum and activist-folksinger gave us a taste of that on Saturday at the Old Firetruck House with a workshop and performance. She sure as hell DIDN’T GET A JOB, she done GET A LIFE.
Speaking of upside down and inside out, who’s going to be in New York late august 2004? www.rncnotwelcome.org. Jump in and start planning with us. Now, let’s talk the original concepts behind Republican theory. Righteous. Sadly, the Republican Party of today under the Bush Regime represents the opposite of righteousness, and in many ways the opposite of Republicanism. Federal power up the wazoo. Which is why there are some true Republicans speaking out even from inside the State, and there are more Republicans joining the Kucinich world every day. Unlikely coalitions make the world go round.
Of course, support for Kucinich assumes that the democracy machine is fair. Check out www.verifiedvoting.org, brought to us by our very own Stanford Professor David Dill, who we chatted with Monday morning, after checking out the counting process in San Jose following the votes last Tuesday, where all we saw is that we couldn’t see. Public accountability? We think not.
But enough about that, let’s back to the campus revolution. On Thursday evening, Ujamaa lounge hosted a Students of Color Coalition (SOCC) organized panel and discussion about building multi-racial coalitions. El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido, and that’s that the Convergence is all about. Cardinal Cogen, with the support of Stanford Labor Action Coalition (SLAC) demonstrated the power of collective activity with a contract settlement that gave the workers a much needed pay raise, as well as a return of some organizing rights that had been taken away of them. Want in on labor justice? We meet on Wednesdays, 7:30pm in El Centro Chicano in Old Union.
The Convergence is also all about combining our academic work with activism. No earthquakes in the astronomical convergence of November 8th, but the Shaking the Foundations (shaking.Stanford.edu) law school conference this weekend, Nov. 7th-9th, was tremendous for conscious law school students and the smattering of undergrads who attended. Coming up is the Stanford Community for Peace and Justice (SCPJ) “We Will Not Forget” teach-in on Friday, Nov. 21 on the issues of American foreign policy that the press is ignoring and the public have largely forgotten. Want justice? We meet Thursdays, 8pm, History corner.
More peace and justice updates… The members of the Lockheed 52, which include 2 Stanford students and Stanford prof, are currently in the process of finishing their jail time or starting their community service projects which they happily accept as “punishment” for acting on their beliefs the Lockheed Martin action last April, which was largely organized by the Stanford community. Resistance Art and Social Protest (RASP) is continuing work and play on homelessness issues for Homelessness Awareness week, though really, is there a week when the homeless aren’t aware? A very aware and inspiring woman of the streets of Palo Alto, Vanessa, coordinated a fundraiser at Chevy’s this Monday, soon to be a regular event. The funds are for a shelter that will be run by soon-to-be empowered and homeful but currently homeless folks, located at 3333 Park in Palo Alto. This Sunday, ASHA put on a talk Environmental, Social Justice and Developmental concerns in India by non-profit advocacy professionals. Interested in Environmental Justice, a concept which ties together racism, third-world, and environmental issues? Talk to ASHA, or Students for Environmental justice At Stanford (SEAS) at seas@seas.stanford.edu or Redwood Action Team at Stanford, through Mollie at mchapman@stanford.
Coming up:
Asian American Students Association (AASA) will present the 8th annual Asian American Pacific Islanders Issues Conference titled Listen to the Silence: "One Struggle, Many Fronts" Saturday, Nov. 15, in Cubberly Auditorium. The Greens at Stanford have been the primary organizers for a protest this Saturday, Nov. 15th at Office Depot in East Palo Alto. Meet at Tressider Ballards at 1 PM for public transportation to the the action.† Bring drums and other instruments; there will be skits, tableau, songs and chants, and positive social interaction with OD costumers!† Those of us who don't have other commitments will stay until 3 and then take the same buses back. The previous night, in celebration and preparation for Saturday, there will be a Garden of Eden Party in Columbae from 10 PM to 1 AM this Friday night. Come to get energized about positive social change, or to drink the beer, eat the brownies and dance. In the spirit of backwards time reports, Friday will also be the last day of the energy and waste awareness festival put on by Sustainability, Greens, and RASP in White Plaza, with Recycling issues on Friday, Energy issues on Thursday, and Food issues on Wednesday, all from 11-2pm. For local sustainability and all around fun, visit the community farm.
Interested in all of these and more?!!! Interested in seeing these groups converge in a common space in mad cooperative ever-present revolution? Check out stanfordconvergence.blogspot.com or email stanfordconvergence@yahoo.com
Brought to you by a convergence of Righteous Folks at Stanford University

The Daily Revolution, November 3, 2003, Issue 1 

Wake up, Neo…
The Convergence is coming…
This week on campus a revolution was taking place. Saturday, October 25, Stanford students joined thousands of other righteous folks in San Francisco to march against the occupation in Iraq and for a better world. There was even a bombass breakaway, followed by a planning meeting for shutting down the next FTAA conference in Miami this November. On home ground the Muslim Student Awareness Network are working to address the misrepresentation of Palestinians in an ad printed in the Daily, Law students are working to overturn the Solomon amendment which ties financial aid to military recruitment, (petitions can still be signed for both of these issues), Columbae co-op is still savoring the collective consciousness instigated by a presentation on ‘Bae history from its founders, and today, Asian American Studies, Filipino American Community at Stanford, Asian American Activities Center, Pilipino American Student Union, Stanford Asian American Activists Coalition, Students for Environmental Justice at Stanford heard Philipines Professor Caster Palaganas speak about indigenous rights, environmental justice, and all around people power.
Meanwhile, weekly convergences on Mondays at 6pm have spun off into an evolution of the revolution. Groups and individuals are connecting and intersecting into a snowball of social change.
Want to join the convergences? Check out the calendar on www.stanfordconvergence.blogspot.comWant something printed in the next Daily Revolution? Got beef? Email stanfordconvergence@yahoo.com
.Looking for a group to hook into, or hook up with your own group? Examples of the kind of crew the convergence is rolling with…
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztl·n (MEChA) at Stanford is part of a statewide network of Chicano/Latino student organizations which works towards progressive changes in the Chicano/Latino community by advocating for educational equality. The Stanford chapter of MEChA acts on the behalf of the rights of the local Chicano/Latino community. We support cultural events that celebrate the beauty of our community and communicate the Chicano/Latino experience. †
Stanford Community for Peace and Justice (SCPJ) is putting together a teach-in scheduled for either Friday, Nov 21 or Sunday, Nov 23. The theme is "We Will Not Forget," and the theme is those issues of American foreign policy that the press is ignoring and the people have largely forgotten.
Stanford Labor Action Coalition (SLAC) is supporting Cardinal Cogen workers (the workers who supply electricity to our campus) as they negotiate for a fair contract. They have a gag order on organizing, so they've asked for student support. This campaign addresses the larger issue of the abuse of subcontracted labor at Stanford. For more info check out our website www.stanford.edu/group/slac and sign our online petition at www.petitionsonline.com/cogen/petition.html
Querillas is the queer activist community on campus. Currently organizing to push for non-discrimination policy for all on-campus recruiters. Come jam at the Firehouse to activist-folk-singer and Stanford alumna Jenn Lindsey Nov. 15th. Sign up for her 1hr. Writing Activist Music workshop--no experience necessary!--space limited, contact kroubos@stanford.edu. Performance-6pm, Workshop 3pm.
The Greens at Stanford work to educate people about the platforms and goals of the Green Party. We are working on a campaign to pressure Office Depot to have a higher content of recycled paper in their stores and to stop logging endangered forests. We postcard every Thursday in White Plaza to get the word out across Campus. Look out for Day of Action at Offfice Depot on November 15, and a party on November 14th, at Columbae, to promote the day of action!
Students for a Sustainable Stanford:
-Nov. 12-14 energy justice, waste awareness, national recycling days
-organic food awareness issues for stanford dining
-potential article in daily
-petition to get Stanford to stick to sustainability guidelines for law school
-Nov 14 retreat
Redwood Action Team at Stanford (RATS)
*meetings every Wednesday night at 9 pm in the Columbae Lounge
*retreat to the North Coast on November 21-22 to learn about forestry issues and sustainable forestry. Everyone invited!
Website: www.stanford.edu/group/rats
For info: Mollie, mchapman@stanford
Email list: subscribe headwaters
Students for Environmental justice At Stanford (SEAS) has historically been a big mama for activist groups on campus. We mobilize around Environmental Justice, and now because all signs point to the idea that we are all one big family, we’re bottomlining the convergence to prepare for the publication of the Dis-Orientation guide this winter, followed by a campaign or possibly a Student Initiated Course in the Spring.
The Community Farm worked with a local non-profit, Foundation for Global Community, to put together a conference last Saturday on food sustainability called Planet on Our Plate, after which we had our its annual Fall Harvest Festival at the farm. This week we planted cover crops the Community Agriculture Class. We will be meeting with Nadeem Sidhiqui, head of Dining Services, to discuss increasing food sustainability in dining halls. The Farm is hoping to form a coalition on this project with Sustainability and other groups/individuals.
Stanford American Indian Organization (SAIO) is the umbrella organization for Indigenous peoples groups on campus. Groups that operate under SAIO include; San Jose Tutor, Cherokee Club, DinÈ Club, AISES, Big Sib LIl^R Sib, and Hui o Hawaii. We help promote education about native culture and issues. November is Indigenous peoples month so the group will be hosting many events. Other events include CLUE-IN day in January and the 33rd annual Powwow in May. This week we’re doing a big sib/lil sib pumpkin carving.
Resistance Art and Social Protest (RASP) hit up Lytton Plaza in downtown Palo Alto this Saturday for a chalking and idea jam to prepare for homelessness awareness week.

Brought to you by a convergence of Righteous Folks at Stanford University

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